[Review] Taylor Steele’s PROXIMITY

Photo: BFA

The godfather of style, Gerry Lopez’s, voice washes over the final scene of PROXIMITY and a feeling that all can be made right in the world sets in. This was the collective sentiment that we were fortunate enough to be a part of last Wednesday in New York City at the sneak preview of Taylor Steele’s latest film.

PROXIMITY comes alive with a message of simplicity, relationships and focus—a notion that challenges the industry standard for surf films—and we’re cool with that. At the same time, the film also manages to challenge society’s often-unhealthy fascination and hyper-connection with (social) media, which has quietly arrived with the evolution of technology. Also cool with that.

All in all, PROXIMITY delivers on all the favorite Chinese menu items we enjoy in a surf film, but also doubles down on dessert by leaving viewers with the idea of living more in the moment, a difficult topic given that the majority of us keep our phones at arm’s length with pride. But Taylor and crew breathe continued life into the idea that there is more to it than what the screen has to offer.

The story is convincingly sewn together by pairing six of the best surfers on the planet and allowing the viewers of this cinematic beauty to be a fly on the wall for their sessions and candid conversations. If you’re looking for a helpful serving of perspective, sessions shared with the surfing legends + the biggest up-and-comers, and to hear Gerry Lopez challenge Morgan Freeman for best voiceover the year award, find the next screening of PROXIMITY near you.