So, Then We Went To G-Land

Rory Rusell and Bill Murray are buddies. Because of course, they are. Rory actually pushed Bill out into his first wave. A 12-footer. Because of course, it was. How do we know this? Bill told Kelly Slater one fine day on the golf course in Florida while they were shooting a round of golf, talking about Rodney Dangerfield’s prodigious appetites and other exploits from the Caddyshack set, downloading Kelly’s brain, and Bill going to Indonesia after his first wave. Because of course.
So anyway, picture it’s 1980, Bill Murray has just been pushed out into a wave by Rory Russell. He gets caught in a riptide. Let’s just let Bill tell it…

Bill Murray’s first wave: “So, then we went to G-Land”

Hey, remember that time Bill and Kelly went golfing for The Bill Murray Issue of Whalebone Magazine?

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Posted by Whalebone Magazine on Tuesday, May 22, 2018


So, how did Kelly and Bill come to share a golf cart in Florida? How did Walter Iooss come to shoot photos of them on the course? What was award-winning filmmaker Taylor Steele doing there? And did Bill say “For relaxing times, make it Suntory Time” with intensity?

Find out all this and more in The Bill Murray Issue.

Photo Walter Iooss

The Bill Murray Issue

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