Why Taylor Steele Has Us Sleeping On the Streets

Photo: Todd Glaser

We hope you currently don’t know Taylor Steele. We pray you’ve never seen any of his massively influential surf films and wouldn’t recognize him if he politely sat on a bar stool next to you. We have desires to think that you’re unaware of his likely influence in your taste in music (ask Pennywise, Jack Johnson and Blink 182), favorite surfer (ask Kelly, Shane and Rob) and possible favorite ice cream flavor (ask Ben or Jerry). Okay, the last one was a bit much as we are unaware of a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor being named after Taylor Steele but it could/should happen. We say all this about you hopefully not knowing him because we’d love to turn you onto PROXIMITY and Taylor Steele. The guy is rad.

Taylor’s creative mind has been steeped in making a good one over past 24+ months. His latest stamp on the world, PROXIMITY will hit select theaters starting on May 4th in New York City.

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The highly anticipated feature follows eight of the world’s best surfers—four legends and four rising stars—as they search for new waves and deeper understanding in exotic destinations. John John picks Kelly’s brain, Shane Dorian and Albee Layer talk about fear, Rob and Craig Anderson have a meeting of the minds. It’s this approach that Taylor applies, along with the badass cinematography, soundtrack and overall experience of something that seems to be lost in this age of hyper connectivity that has us camping out in front of the Gramercy Theatre in New York City for the world premier next week.

Check here and see if the tour is making a stop in your neck of the woods or grab a sleeping bag and come join us. We’re looking forward to this one.