One Minute Interview with 4-Time Duct Tape Invitational Champ, Justin Quintal

JQ. Photo: Black Rose MFG.

Justin Quintal is a madman. The stylishly-seasoned longboarder and alternative aficionado just scooped up his fourth consecutive win at the Duct Tape Invitational in Huntington Beach, CA. Other than walking outside in the sun and sneezing, when was the last time you did four things in a row, let alone with grace? We were able to share a minute with the light-footed fellow and discuss his win, before he jumped back in a van/on a plane and disappeared to some tropical location to find shade and make us hate our day job.

MK: Yo! Four consecutive US Open Duct Tape Invitational wins. No small feat…in either one word, or using an offbeat/unlikely analogy, can you tell us how it feels?

JQ: Bitchen’.

MK: Accomplishing things in a row and in the face of increasingly hungry competition has its effects on a man. Do you find yourself feeling even the slightest amount of pressure going into the contest? Or have you just become more comfortable in that setting?

JQ: I always get a little stage fright leading up to and during pretty much any event.

MK: What’s your pre-heat routine looking like these days? Doing 47 pushups and drinking a kale smoothie? Watching stand-up comedy and eating small plate of freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?

JQ: Hahah. I do try to eat pretty healthy and simple. I definitely cheat here and there. But yea, smoothies, kombucha, yerba maté. A little less alcohol and a little bit of yoga, a lot of surfing. Health is wealth, I want to be able to surf as long as possible.

MK: I thought I saw a photo of you post-heat with a Black Rose MFG. shape in hand. That’s your new venture right? Did you ride that exact shape leading up to + throughout the entire contest?

JQ: Yes it is and I did. It is a 10 foot Black Rose MFG. model we call the “Deviated Septum,” based off of a 1967 Hansen Competitor.

MK: Last one. How’re you celebrating the big win? Traveling with large quantities of champagne?

JQ: A few celebratory drinks and some good times with some close friends. Mostly just going to be surfing as much as possible before I head home!

Keep up with Justin + his travels over on his Instagram, and have a gander at Black Rose MFG’s offerings (tees, boards, goodness) over at their website. Thanks Justin.