New York Wild Film Festival

We’re not sure at what age the “falling in love” with nature thing happens, but for as long as we can remember, we’ve had feelings for this world’s beauty. Exploring, adventuring, turning the corner — it’s in our bones. Inarguably, it’s the reason we’ve found and continue to find untouched surf spots, picaresque views and a feeling that begs us to claim “this is the best day ever.”

This year, we’ve partnered with the New York Wild Film Festival — the first annual documentary film festival to showcase a spectrum of topics, from exploration and adventure to wildlife and the environment, bringing all things WILD
to the most urban city in the world.

We’re also stoked to announce that this festival will be open to the public. The festival will take place at the Explorer’s Club, January 28-31.

For tickets, movie schedule and more information, you can head over to WILD’s website. You can also check out this year’s festival trailer below.