New York Magazine’s Best of NY 2015

So New York Magazine claims that they have formulated a list of all the best “things” in New York City. We were wondering what that meant, so we dove in to check it out.

What exactly does “best” mean in a city with thousands of pizza joints, hundreds of celebrity masseuses and museum-worthy concept shops on every corner? Well, in the case of this, our annual “Best of New York” roundup, there’s a heavy emphasis on what’s new or what has somehow remained virtually unheard of (until now, of course). We canvassed the city, from Astoria to Bed-Stuy to the Upper East Side; consulted and hounded our colleagues, friends and industry bigwigs; and ended up with a (highly subjective) list that starts ahead. Your perfect kid-birthday gift, bacon-wrapped hot dog and sand-quartz massage await. — New York Magazine

Once we saw the issue, we concurred, they pretty much hit it on the nail. For the best of the best in NY from food to fun to feng shui, check out New York Magazine’s May Issue: The Best of New York 2015.