Montauk Brew Co. Arrives in NYC

Building our fan base through celebrating the Montauk way of life and sharing our beer has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of Montauk Brewing Company’s growth. Entering the New York City market has been on our minds for some time now, the thought of the Big Apple was very enticing, especially to a small homegrown brewing company. We said no, a lot, and it hurt. Turns out it was one of the best decisions we’ve made yet.

The months leading up to September 14, 2015 were preceded by a over a year of organization, mobilization, and setting up a strategy that would give us a chance to survive and thrive in this new market, possibly the largest market that we will ever enter.

Our fans have been requesting the Montauk Brand family of beers in locations all over the world. South America, Japan, Alaska, California – everywhere! We started the company in 2012 and devoted our energy to building our backyard on Long Island, and had we not done this well, we wouldn’t have made it to where we are today. Our Long Island distributor, Boening Bros., also played a critical role in our growth, as they are the people that sell and deliver those heavy kegs and beautiful color-coated cans that you enjoy so much. We felt the time was right to bring the brand to our next closest territory, a place that turns out to be pretty well known – NYC. After years of saying no to the city, we finally said yes.

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Diversity. It’s important. Photo: Montauk Brew Co.

Frank Sinatra sang it best, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” New York City offers the energy of a bustling city that doesn’t sleep, along with a vibrant array of food and drink options. From dive bars, to craft beer shops, to fine restaurants, the New York environment is packed with character and quality.

A few things are happening that offer our brand a unique opportunity to grow in a space that is being packed with new beers every day. The craft beer industry is growing at a staggering rate and people are more conscious about quality, ingredients, and story behind a brand. It’s what I like to call the soul of Montauk Brewing Company that makes it appealing. We are able to now tell our story of brewing beer in a basement in Montauk and sharing that beer with old and new friends. We are an adventure lover’s brand, with our lifestyles revolving around the outdoors. Montauk shaped who we are and this bleeds though to the way we run our company and the way we brew our beer.


Happy hour, Gin Beach. Photo: Montauk Brew Co.

Montauk is a different world. Surf in the morning, grab food and good conversation at local mainstay The Ditch Witch, and then head to the brewery. Sharing beers with new friends without a TV distracting you from the task at hand – which is to celebrate quality beer and conversation with the people around you. We captured the vibe of the town in about 200 square feet of space. The tasting room invites you to Come As You Are, our trademark motto elicits a welcoming feel that we are very proud of. Chances are, if you were in Montauk this summer you spent some time at the brewery. Now that feeling of summer can be extended year round in a big city to the west of Montauk.

Now, on to the next chapter of the Montauk Brew Co. story. Starting on September 14th of this year, Driftwood Ale, Montauk Session IPA and Hop Blonde kegs were delivered to locations around the city. We are thankful and honored to have the support of some awesome spots like The Rusty Knot, The Wren, Wilfie and Nell, 310 Bowery Bar, Grand Central Oyster Bar, Allswell, Seamore’s, to name a few. Each day we work hard in this massive market to share the Montauk spirit with new fans. When I tell the Montauk history I always remind myself that we are selling more than quality beer, we sell an honest story of a locally brewed business amongst three lifelong friends. We built New York State’s easternmost brewery to celebrate our fans and give back to the community. We now share that story in one of the biggest markets in the world, and we will always remain true to our roots.

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I wrote this article over the course of a few days and it only seemed proper to begin writing in Montauk, and finish it in New York City. The energy of Montauk is undeniably powerful, almost so much that it is hard to explain to those who have never stood on the beach and watched the ocean move. Montauk offered me the inspiration to start Montauk Brewing Company, and now the city gives me a new experience that compliments Montauk so well. Montauk Brewing Company is centered on celebration and innovation, living the active lifestyle and never being stagnant. New York City is the same in that it’s constantly moving, and all the while exciting and inspiring. I’m so proud to say that our new and old fans, the friends we have yet to meet, can now find Montauk in their city.

Before taking your first sip of Montauk in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Westchester, or Staten Island – close your eyes, be present and content, drink Montauk. If you listen closely you can hear the surf, I promise.

Cheers and thank you to all our Montauk fans!

PS: For any industry people who would love to get their hands on some Montauk, please contact your S.K.I. Beer rep, or the brewery directly!