Tuesday Night Tango

Photo: Gunner Hughes

The R&D Department of Whalebone takes their jobs pretty seriously. Last night was no exception. We had a couple friends in town visiting, so like any  upstanding young company would do, we took them out to some of the preferable watering holes of NYC for a drink… or six. One of the places below might have one of our intern’s cell phones. Next time you’re in the Lower East Side of NYC, feel free to stop into one of these spots and inquire about his Hello Kitty phone case. Reward possible.

1. 169 Bar


Photo: Gunner Hughes

While we weren’t allowed to dance on this leopard-print pool table, the bright string lights and palm trees made this place feel like home. Every hour is happy hour, and you can order a drink from the bar via text. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also live music, an oyster bar and eccentric decor that made us feel like we walked into a bar off Bourbon Street rather than in Manhattan.

Location: 169 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

Contact: Website | Insta

2. Welcome to the Johnson’s


Photo: Gunner Hughes

You know a place is solid when the Christmas decoration are still up in late February. We hung out on these delightfully tacky couches and played Pac- Man to our hearts’ content. @harvard_dad is taking competitors on for next Tuesday if you’re around. Our project manager tried to order a glass of wine (don’t do that), but there is a fully stocked mini fridge of ice-cold beer and we’re told that they make killer Bloody Marys on Sundays.

Location: 123 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002. Welcome to the Johnson’s now has a sister bar in Bushwick… we didn’t make it that far.

Contact: In true dive fashion, there’s no website or Insta for these guys. Just go there already.

3. Max Fish


Photo: Gunner Hughes

We did not find any fish here or people named Max. This spot is one of our favorites though, currently residing on Orchard St. and doubling as an art gallery during the daytime. The basement has it’s own full bar and DJ as well, so you’ve got two spots to #cut #the #rug on a Friday night. If you go, say what’s up to @gunner.hughes. He was behind the lens of this photoshoot and can be found behind the basement bar on weekends.

Location: 120 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Contact: Website | Insta

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