[Interview] The Montauk Project

Photo: Nate Best

Over the past six years, the Montauk Project has done a fine job of ensuring psychedelic rock has maintained a steady pulse on the East End. And as anyone that was able to attend our Music Issue release party will attest, the group is set on raising the bar for good, local music—now more than ever. After a week and a half of recovery from the release party, we finally found ourselves in decent enough shape to link up with the talented gents, have a insightful chat and make sure that all members are still alive and kicking. Time travel gear not required.

So the government-led “Montauk Project” came together in the 80s. We’re guessing you guys didn’t have a hand in that. When did the much more enjoyable, sound-led Montauk Project first come together?

Actually, Mark teleported forward in time from the year 1943 just to start this band in 2011. His real name is Guerillmo de’Buttcheaks Ferdinand. Jasper and he crossed paths at a beach also known as “Radars” on a cold February day. They immediately realized they had met in a past life, or 1986, and formed a bond through their mutual appreciation of Montauk Pearl Oysters.

How’d you guys all originally meet?


Can you recall the first show the band ever played?

Patrick Havlick’s college graduation on the back deck at South Fulton. Triple kegger, Nuna (grandma) had a cameo on drums.

What’s been your favorite show you’ve played since?

The Paramount Theatre in Huntington a couple years back, opening for The Marshall Tucker band in front of a full house. Was pretty epic. Closest we’ve ever come to feeling treated like rock stars. The Mongolian beef was to die for.

We walk into Liar’s on a on a lively Friday night. The karaoke machine is functioning and you guys are on the mic. What song are we most likely to hear you belting at the top of your lungs?

Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” with guest appearance/background vocals by Jason Hewitt. The encore would be “This is the End” by The Doors.

One band (dead or alive) that you’d travel 1,000 miles to open for, or create a song with. Who is it?

  • Dead: Led Zeppelin
  • Alive: Tame Impala

Dream venue to play a concert at?

Camp Hero, in front of the Radar with all the gates open and Nicola Tesla on sound. Coachella would be pretty cool, too.

You guys crushed the show at our Music Issue release party. Not a very terribly pressing question, just wondering how you thought the night was? You guys have fun?

Well, Mark woke up on the grass under a tree with no pants on two days later and chickens picking at his feet. A speaker fell on Jasper mid drum solo. It was hot, loud, rowdy, and probably the most professional show we’ve ever played. By the way, did anyone else drink the water?

Only everyone. Last one, swan song if you will. Any big plans on the horizon? Things the band’s excited about this summer?

A new music release with Whalebone Magazine later this month, followed by a highly anticipated summer remix with a more than noteworthy hiphop producer (hint: French Montana), traction, platinum sales, and world tour. 😉

Stay in the loop with the gents via The Montauk Project Instagram and The Montauk Project website.