[Photo Gallery] The Music Issue Release Party

As far as we know, there are no universal laws or metrics for measuring the success of a Two Year Anniversary meets Music Issue Release Party, presented by Yeti. Newton must’ve been too busy to pen that one down. But if it were up to us, we’d likely gauge it like this: number of attendees sporting a sound-induced smile, combined with total square footage of dancefloor occupied, multiplied by liquid volume of quality beverages depleted by night’s end, minus number of chickens harmed. And proper use of that sturdy equation would somehow yield a whole number that either represents, or does not represent, a good event. If it were up to us.

Fortunately, we opted for a talented eye (Sascha Mazzucco) instead of an on-site mathematical expert. Saved everyone the numerical bore + figured photos do a better job telling the story anyways. Enjoy/reminisce above, and thanks to everyone that joined us in welcoming in both our Music Issue and a third year of Whalebone Magazine—especially Raph + Lisa, Jamie IovineDJ Japancakes and The Montauk Project. Zero chickens harmed.

Upper deck shoutout to our presenting sponsor, Yeti, as well as Don Julio, Montauk Brew Co.Health-Ade Kombucha, Atlantic Terrace Eatery, Bellissima, Lieb Cellars and Sperry Tents for helping bring this one to life in fine fashion.