The Interview Issue, Out Now

It’s not unlikely that you’ve heard about our first ever Interview Issue by now. If you’re under the age of 18 and still in school, then its probably the only reading assignment your English teacher gave you on the first day of class. If you’re anyone else, then we — as your recently self-appointed, spiritual guidance counselor — might recommend that you take lead from the current middle school reading curriculum and pick one up as well.


Our tenth issue to grace the Earth, this bad boy features 30 carefully-curated, gloriously insightful conversations — with a roster as heavy-hitting as it is diverse. We’re talking world renowned photographers interviewing legendary athletes interviewing distinguished creatives interviewing the fashion world’s finest interviewing local business owners interviewing Cheech (and much, much more). Did reading that last sentence make you dizzy? We hope not. Here’s a teaser list that might be easier for your eyes to climb down:

That’s all we can tell you for now. In the meanwhile, maybe take a step inside one of the many fine establishments that have our magazines on the East End, in NYC, and around the U.S., or hit that subscribe button and let us drop one off on your doorstep via carrier pigeon. Stay tuned on the website as we roll out some of the above interviews with extended conversation + visuals. Now get back to class. Or work. Or to reading this interview with Jimmy Chin from the new issue.