Run the Jewels Interviews Adult Swim’s Jason DeMarco

We asked 30 people who we admire to each interview one person they admire. That’s the concept behind the Interview Issue presented by Design Within Reach.

Killer Mike and El-P Chose Adult Swim Creative Director Jason DeMarco


I’ve never met someone so excited for the end of civilization as Jason DeMarco.

Killer Mike and El-P credit Adult Swim’s Jason DeMarco with putting them together to form Run the Jewels. So maybe it was a no-brainer when we asked them to interview the person they most admired. They went straight to Jason DeMarco. To hear RTJ tell it, it took a TV guy like DeMarco to revitalize the music industry. Listen in while the guys reminisce about the old days in Atlanta, Jason’s wedding (where the groom walked the aisle to Dilla and the bride Aaliyah), learning how to draw from assholes, and why The Cartoon Network became a hip-hop powerhouse.

The guys met up backstage before an RTJ show and talk right up until Mike and El-P get called to go on stage (Jason asks “Are you guys gonna go rehearse?). It takes Mike and El-P only about three or so minutes to introduce Jason and answer his question, “What’s a Whalebone?” But later on you’ll learn why Twitter beefs are the key to a healthy marriage, and Killer Mike big-ups Ted Turner, so it’s totally worth it.

Get into it below.


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