The Interview Issue Playlist Presented by Compass

Hard as we tried, we couldn’t fit speakers into the Interview Issue, which is why we are grateful to the good folks at Apple for making those plastic buds for your ears. Those buds have done some remarkable things (enough so that we forgive weird new plugs and tangled cords). Made it so you are privy to Kelly Slater’s laughter when Sun Life Organics founder Khalil Rafati tells him most superfoods taste like shit and can hear the proverbial pin drop when Run the Jewels El-P regulates the noisy room while he and Killer Mike interviewed Jason DeMarco from Adult Swim.

It’s also made it possible for us to ask the folks, both musical and nonmusical, who participated in the Interview Issue to share their playlists with you—the resulting series of playlists brought to you by home-finding dynamos at Compass, including playlists from current vegan chef and former roadie chef Mary Mattern and Portugal. The Man’s John Gourley.

To sum things up we’re going to put one more set of Interview Issue sounds in your ears: this playlist by the whole durned Whalebone cast in crew, with songs performed by, inspired by, or about (though that honor is pretty much the fourth man on the moon Alan Bean’s alone) the people in the issue.

Befitting the playlist’s inspiration, Compass, it’s all over the map.

So, get into the songs performed by Gourley, Run the Jewels , Gizzle, Neil Westfall and others, inspired by Woman’s March founder Teresa Shook, Jon Wexler (ones that he might have played in his college radio DJ days), Nonesuch’s David Bither, NAOH founder Brendon Babenzien, who it turns out is a huge Cure fan, and not just ones by the artists who played when Jason DeMarco and his bride walked down the aisle (awwww) but Adult Swim bumps in recognition of DeMarco being “the greatest unacredited A&R in hip hop.”

Interview Issue Playlist Series

Presented by Compass


You can pick up a copy of The Interview issue here.