Frozen Pickles

The Montauk boys are at it again! This time Nick “Nickboy” Joeckel, local “celebrity” and brother to Whalebone founder Jesse Joeckel, recently put a clip together of some of the town’s finest surfers, tackling the frigid winter swells of Montauk.

The clip was shot by Bart Schwarz, the Nub.TV crew and each surfer featured in the flick respectively taking turns piling up clips. It was then edited by “Nickboy,” himself.

The video features Nick and Jesse Joeckel, as well as Grant Monahan, Travis Beckmann, and Austin Eckardt, with cameos from Sam Hammer, Balaram Stack and Trip Patterson. The clip took the Internet by storm gracing the screens of Stacking Clips, SIX Magazine, NYSEA and now Whalebone.

Enjoy and take a look into the winter surf scene on the East End.