Everything That Happened in the Photobooth at Our One Year Anniversary Party

We love you guys. For reals. This past weekend would’ve just been all 12 of our staff members merrily posted up within the confines of Shagwong’s, had 1000+ of you (friends, clients, throwback enthusiasts) not decided to step foot on the lawn + dance-floor at the Montauk Yacht Club this past Sunday evening to help us celebrate the magazine’s first year of life.

The best part is, after the joyful chaos came to a still, we were unexpectedly handed an overflowing hard drive of proof that everything we sorta remember happening did in fact happen. So after nearly 16 seconds of internal office debate, we’ve decided to post all of Photo Booth Planet’s hard drive holdings—every single photo strip from the party’s photobooth. If you got behind that red curtain on Sunday between 5pm and 11pm, you are most definitely in the above gallery. Have a gander.

We’re not entirely sure just how incriminating this photographic evidence is for some of you…so if you would like your photo(s) removed, give us a quick shout at hello@whalebonemag.com with the images you’d like removed included, and we’ll handle promptly.

Also, major thanks to all of our sponsors: Flagpole, Jackthreads, Gosling’s Rum, Montauk Brew Co., Sweet’tauk, RentQuest NYC, Coleman Saunders, Sperry Tents Hamptons, Jeep Hamptons, WTRMLN WTR, and of course…NASCAR—the official sponsor of dancefloor participation going from 0 to 100, real quick.