Long Live Shagwong

Jon Krasner is good people. The first time I ran into the guy, he was having a drink in Shagwong’s side garden with one of the most content demeanors a man can have. I mean, yeah, if you’re enjoying a beer in the restaurant you own’s side garden, there’s a solid chance that #lifeisgood. Upon speaking to the mellow gent, I found out that he not only owns Shagwong, but also The Saltbox, another restaurant in Montauk’s downtown, right around the block. Jon’s spirit is young and his vision is big — big enough to have us wondering how the good man ticks. So, we shot Jon a 5-pack of questions (like “Tell us about the first time you got busted drinking alcohol”), and he crushed them without hesitation. Get to know the sprightly fellow, below.


Photo provided by KHPR.

Yo, does Shagwong offer any specialty drinks or secret menu items?

We pour a fantastic Jameson shot.

What have you been dreaming about lately?

Shagwong Buffalo Wings.

What’s the key ingredient to running a successful restaurant?

The team. Staying on top of operations and having tight systems in place for everyone to rely on when the place gets rowdy. And, making sure the whole staff is confident and having fun. That always rubs off on the patrons.

Can you recall the first time you got busted drinking as a kid?

After a Sunday night at the Port Royal, I got sick on my parents’ kitchen floor.  It was not pretty. I never had a Long Island ice tea ever again.

Tell us about your favorite moment within Shagwong’s walls.

The first Saturday night this summer when the band played it’s first note. The place went nuts and the energy was back. It takes many months of hard work to get these places open and I couldn’t have been more proud of everyone involved.

Featured photo courtesy of James Katsipis.