You Was Cheap, But You Wasn’t Shagwong Tavern in the 1950’s Cheap

Man, the ’50s seemed to be a steal of a decade. A time when meatballs were “Meat Balls,” and an entrée-portion of Fried Shrimp (or Clams) only cost a man $1.90. A time when $2 would’ve got you an Old Fashioned, 2 Budweisers, and enough change to leave your hardworking bartender a healthy tip. A time when…the U.S. Dollar might have actually been backed by its proper weight in Fort Knox-kept gold.

In putting together our Throwback Issue, we got ahold of a Shagwong menu from 1950-something-or-so. If you enjoy diving into the past and feeling rich because of yet-to-occur inflation, then this one #is #for #you.



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