Couch Tour 2 Is Coming [Teaser Video]

From what I understand, Mike Nelson and Dave Juan of unsOund surf have been wanting to get Couch Tour 2 going for some time now. This past winter, Nelson AKA Nelly and I collaborated on a few quick winter clips. It was a lot of fun and we both realized that we work great together so a few months back he asked me to swing by the shop with my computer so he could “dump” a whole bunch of clips onto my hard drive. He mentioned that Dave and himself were really into getting Couch Tour 2 going and asked if I would help by editing and putting it together. I said, “F*ck yea!”

In the meantime, we were thinking of putting out a teaser clip. Just a little something to let people know that the project was in the works. Make a “sick clip” with whatever was on that hard drive. Mainly clips of Balaram and TJ from Puerto Rico this past winter all shot by “The Sniper” Thor Larson, who is super talented behind the lens. So after a few months of the clips collecting dust (can binary data actually do that??) this is what I came up with.

A typical whacky Etan edit highly inspired by the Netflix series, Stranger Things, because I am beyond obsessed with the show. The minute I saw those opening credits and heard that song, I got chill ups my spine and immediately said to myself, “I gotta start f*cking around on After Effects and recreate these titles for something asap”. Some would ask why I would ever mix surfing with such a thing… and I don’t know, but just watch it. Looking forward to bring you all Couch Tour 2 in the near future!