Water Perspective: Mike Nelson

The School of Continued Oceanic Education is experiencing an exponential growth in its enrollment. The attractive nature of the course load, along with the submerged classroom environment, seem to have this year’s attendance near an all time high. The crew at Whalebone tracked down a few of the more advanced students in the school’s photography program to survey them on their experiences with ongoing classes. All students were asked the same question: “If there is one lesson that the ocean/water has taught you, that you’ve applied to your life, what would it be?”

Mike Nelson

“Over the years I have realized that I just have a straight up love of the ocean. While surfing takes the front seat, any activity on the water or under the water brightens my day. The main lesson I have learned from the great mother ocean is be prepared and ready for the unexpected. She has many faces and more often then not shows multiple ones each day. After many moons of practice (I don’t like to say experience—it makes me feel old), I have learned to methodically go over my equipment the night before any significant swell. So when it all goes down, I can focus on the ever-changing conditions and not the equipment. I have realized that this carries over to many other areas in my life. If you are prepared, sometimes, you can make lemonade out of lemons…”

As featured in Whalebone’s eighth issue, the Water Issue. Check out more of Mike’s work on his Instagram.