Youthful Disposition: Chase Leider

Being a grom is tough. You’ve gotta find rides to and from the beach each day, eat abundant amounts of whatever you feel like eating abundant amounts of, find other kids your age to surf/skate/run amuck with you…the list is as long as it is hard to bear. And then there’s Chase Leider—a youngin’ from Montauk that’s dominating surf contests around the world, trying his hand at modeling, and still making time to do all the daunting grom tasks previously mentioned.

We caught up with Chase to gain a little more perspective on what being successful at youth is like in 2016. You think you have it bad…

What’s an average day in your life look like? Can it even be described as average?

When I’m not traveling to comps or photoshoots you can usually find me early mornings in one of three places: Sands, AT, or one of the deadliest places of all…my bathroom! After an early sesh with my bud Chas, we fuel up at Happy Bowls then go full on J.O.B on whatever floats behind the Sunset Surf Shack and get shacked. We usually wind up at the Ditch Witch for lunch and off to dirt bike or skate with Richie until dark. Home for some TLC and dinner (more like two dinners) then I lay on my bed watching surf clips or hitting up the JJC squad—Jaiden, Jessie and Chloe. There’s my  summer day!

Favorite surf edit on the Interwebs right now. Link it over.

My favorite surf video is View from a Blue Moon.

Talk to us about the best session of your life. Who, what, where?

The best session of my life was on August 29, 2015 (my 10th birthday) I was in the barrel in front of Big Charlie and I got the sickest barrel of my life. It was at Yellow House.

Most underrated surfer in the game right now?

I think Jack Robinson is the most underrated surfer in the game.

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Favorite dessert on planet Earth?

Bread pudding.

Ask us a question.

Why do you do this magazine? When is my next box of Whalebone coming??

We’re not even halfway through 2016 and you’ve already been crushing it. What’s the rest of the year look like for you?

The rest of the year looks great for me.

Keep up with Chase on his Instagram.