Happy Bowls Achieves Franchise Status in Puerto Rico

A Montauk favorite, Happy Bowls has been serving up fresh Açaí bowls, Pitaya bowls and other as healthy-as they-are-sweet creations to the local community since 2013. Despite the innovate business (and it’s owner, Tyler Davis) being relatively young, it has become a staple in local eats as well as one of the most strongly recommended places for visitors looking to grub. As of yesterday, Tyler received some pretty stellar news regarding his business’ presence in Puerto Rico.

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Um, we’ll take 20. Photo of courtesy of @HappyBowls

Yesterday, Tyler took to Facebook to announce that Happy Bowls has officially been recognized by the Puerto Rican government as a franchise. Furthermore, the PR gov’t displayed interested in partnering with Happy Bowls to create a unique, hybrid franchise that will place an emphasis on creating additional local jobs — an effort aimed at boosting their currently turbulent economy.

Below you’ll find Tyler’s original announcement. From the sound of his excitement, we suppose the next few days will be an exceptionally good time to go and grab a Happy Bowl.

After more than 3 years of hard work, commitment and major sacrifices by my partners and myself, we’ve finally heard the most magical news we’ve been waiting on. Happy Bowls has officially became a recognized franchise!! The Government of Puerto Rico chose Happy Bowls as business they would be willing to work side by side with to create a new unique franchise which in turn will create more jobs for the people of the island of Puerto Rico and help with their struggling economy.

This franchise recognition also extends past the small island in the Caribbean to the United States and rest of the foreign world. This (in theory) means that Happy Bowls could potentially be in every single one of your favorite towns and cities. I am completely blown away and humbled by this experience. Thank you from my heart to anyone who currently supports or previously supported Happy Bowls in the past. Without you guys we would be nothing.

This is just a small step in a very long race but there’s nothing I would rather devote my time to than growing this business, creating more jobs and helping people start their own way of supporting themselves and their families while feeding the people healthier options to eat than that of mainstream society.

And I vouch as long as I have a seat in the top of this business I will do everything I personally can to never be like these corrupt, evil, and greedy corporations that currently exist. At Happy Bowls we genuinely care about or customers and that will never change. Thanks once again to all. Today is truly a beautiful day. 

Congrats to Tyler and all of the Happy Bowl family. I’m going to stop typing now, get off this (really comfy) couch and walk over to Happy Bowls for a bite. #NeighboringBusinessPerks

Also, check out Happy Bowls on Instagram and Facebook — they’re crushing it!