Celebrating 60k Day with Our Friends at Bombas

Yesterday afternoon, a portion of our team cut out of the office early to meet up with Bombas and 59 other rad companies in the city to try and make a bit of a difference here in the city.

The initiative, formally known as “60k Day”, brought together 60 individual companies, each being supplied with 1,000 pairs of Bombas socks each before being driven out to 60 different shelters and supplying the homeless + those in need. The 60,000 pairs of socks supplied was not a random number, but one to match the 60,000 people in NYC that, on average, are homeless in the city each night.

After the initial meet-up with everyone, we made our way to the HELP Morris Avenue Shelter in the Bronx and spent the next four hours setting up and handing out all the socks to those in need—kids, parents, everyone. We can’t even get into how rad the reaction was…everyone that came through and picked up a few pairs was visibly stoked and beyond thankful. The evening came to an end with about 54 thank you notes, zero socks left from our supply, and some of the best vibes you can fit into one room. Check out some of the action in the gallery above.

Extra large shoutout to Kelly + the entire Bombas crew for putting together an amazing event. See more from the entire event at the Bombas 60k Day webpage, and find out more + donate to HELP Shelters, here.