Brock Callen Is Taking You To (and Through) the Bahamas This Year

Brock Callen does not lead a boring life. This year, the Martha’s Vineyard-based sailor, ocean guide and winsome kiteboarder will be captaining a six-boat sailing fleet with Sunsail through a lovely string of islands known as the Bahamas. If you’re reading this, you are invited. Of course, we wouldn’t put you on the seasoned waterman’s catamaran without a proper introduction—so we gave Brock a shout to talk how folks like us can hop on board, as well as ways to stay energized on the water, hypothetically deal with Somalian pirates, and more.

Can you give us three things you do every day no matter what?

Every day? Impossible. The ideal day? First, coffee. Then, exercise—two hours in the gym, two hours on the ocean. Finally, I scheme. I am always working on the next project and writing some sort of proposal to try and make it happen.

You can have any gourmet breakfast of your choice every morning for the rest of your life—what makes the cut?

One thing I know is there is no reason to eat shitty food, so even though every day might not be my last, I tend to try and eat like it. Start with some great bread, arugula, avocado and some sort of protein—preferably from the ocean. Add two Cackleberry Farm poached eggs + lots of ground pepper. Strong coffee is always present…you see the theme in me keeping my energy levels up?

Best song to get you charged up before kiteboarding?

Gov’t Mule’s cover of the Stones Play with Fire is always on the playlist, although Lie, Cheat, Steal from Run the Jewels is making a strong play lately. Killer Mike’s lyrics on that entire album are ridiculous.

We heard you’re leading some sort of ridiculously cool brigade of sailboats through the Bahamas? Are you guys just partying on the ocean without destination? What’s the deal?

Basically, the concept is that Sunsail has six ultra slick catamarans in the Abacos and want to fill them with kiteboarders for an unforgettable week of riding and adventures. The boats are sick, the location is sick, and now we just want awesome people to come enjoy the adventure with us. Anyone game?

Tell us about the craziest moment you’ve ever experienced at sea, your scariest experience.

Spend enough time on the ocean and you’ll have more stories than you want to tell, unfortunately. But being completely exhausted after kiting 106 miles from Antigua to St. Martin, and then having the 32 ft boat I was riding back in sink…then finding myself in a life raft—40 miles from the closest point of land—with three good friends in the middle of the night. Was worth a good fright.

We made it. Last one. You’re alone on a sailboat that, by some unfortunate series of events, has ended up directly off the coast of Somalia. A band of pirates on a small watercraft approach your vessel, looking to take you hostage for a large amount of US dollars, but through a genius composition of words, you negotiate your release and end up befriending the misunderstood gents. What exactly did you say to them?

Somali Pirates? It all goes back to the ocean…food and respect. Show someone you are worth having around through respect, provide them with some fresh caught fish, and chances are you can end up with smiles and not violence. We all need to share the ocean, and I like to think that our love for it can be a common thread.

For more at-water goodness from Captain Callen, head over to his Instagram. Additionally, Sunsail will be promoting a chance to win a free cabin with Brock—see how you can score it over at Sunsail Vacations.