From NYC to Montauk: An All-Women Relay Race

Photo: Francesco Gallarotti

On June 24th, four teams of four highly motivated women have agreed to “man up” and participate in a momentous event by running 50k each—a distance that most of us could get winded just thinking about.

WM>ntauk will be the first race of its kind—a small and intimate, all­-women endurance relay ­race. The 16 participants will be running a total of 125 miles, beginning in chaotic Manhattan and ending with epic finish at the Montauk Lighthouse.

The course of the race will cover a distance that the average New Yorker dreads to even drive on a given weekend. The badass event looks to inspire women to face challenges with a similar determination and to explore the uncharted, yet intrinsically rewarding territory of endurance athletics.

For more information, check out their Instagram + stay up to date and follow the race on their Snapchat (rnegadebrbellion).