5 of Our Favorite Fireplaces Around the World

Photo: Teton Teepee

We would like to offer you a business opportunity. After thorough research and investigation, we concluded that a worthwhile book or resource about the world’s best fireplaces and their locations does not exist. If you would like to invest or partner with us on a new endeavor to bring this coffee table book to life, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We’ll be waiting.

In the meanwhile, here is a preview of the book and/or website we might bring to life one day if we ever get around to it.

1. Teton Teepee

Photo: Teton Teepee

Photo: Teton Teepee

Location: Alta, Wyoming

Digs: $99 per night, six miles from world-class mountains, BYOB and room for you and 17 of your friends around the fire.

See More: tetonteepee.com

2. Twin Farms

Photo: Twin Farms

Twin Farms, Vermont. Photo: Twin Farms

Location: Twin Farms, Vermont

Digs: Zagat says exceptionally good things about this place. Valentine’s Day is Feb 14, every year.

See More: twinfarms.com

3. The Alpina

The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland, the lobby

The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland. Photo: The Alpina

Location: Gstaad, Switzerland

Digs: A vacation destination for royalty. A fireplace for us.

See More: thealpinagstaad.ch

4. Château de Bagnols

Photo: Château du Bagnols

Photo: Château du Bagnols

Location: Bagnols, France

Digs: The biggest gothic fireplace in Europe. Built for Charles VIII, King of France in 1492.

See More: chateaudebagnols.com/en

5. The Bowery

Photo: The Bowery

Photo: The Bowery

Location: New York, New York

Digs: Down the street from this fireplace is a very good pizza place.

See More: theboweryhotel.com

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