Introducing Whalebone Wine

Whale that’s just grape.

The Wine Issue presented by Drizly

This was inevitable if you think about it. First, someone on the team said we should do an entire magazine about wine. Then someone said we should make our own wine to go with The Wine Issue. Someone also said we should buy a vineyard, move the team there and every night have big celebrations around a large communal table and take a shot at a utopian society. But then we realized we have things to do. We′ll get there eventually. One step at a time. Now you can enjoy the wine. It′s not bad.

Limited-edition Whalebone wines available while supplies last. Real thing.

Delightfully Disoriented Red

Savory light-bodied red with notes of spicy plum, fresh green bell pepper and roasted red bell pepper. The tannins are chewy but soft with a crisp bite of acidity and jubilee to take it all down. Best served with a light chill. Pair with friends and stories told round the campfire for best results.

$35 per bottle
$378 per case
 (12 bottles)

Delightfully Disoriented Razahto

Electric cherry color with a palate as crisp and refreshing as it looks. Notes of strawberry, raspberry and salty breezes. Just a little tannic bite and a tangy, juicy finish. Pair with a sunny day on the beach.

$30 per bottle
$324 per case
(12 bottles)

The Whalebone Team gets down to business at Ev&Em Vineyards

A grape view of the process

Examining grape vines at Laurel Lakes Vineyard

Splitting Into Teams

A proper mixing session

Produced and bottled by Ev&Em Vineyards
Laurel, New York