The Whalebone Weather Edition Guide to Listening to Music Outdoors

It all starts with a place to sit.

For the Weather Issue of Whalebone Magazine, we flipped the station on over to an all-weather edition. This does not mean it wears galoshes or gives updates on the chance of hail Tuesday but that it will play nothing but songs like “In The Rain” by The Dramatics and “Riders on the Storm,” by the Doors. Best listened to outdoors. And sure you could head to the backyard and sit on a folding chair with some headphones on, but we have some other ideas for how to set up your backyard sound system.

You likely already know that to accompany your outdoor oasis set up, you will need some pretty powerful and weatherproof speakers to pipe in the jungle noises and tiki music or Daft Punk or whatever you want to groove to in the backyard. Whether that speaker that stands up to weather is the reliable and sleek options from Sonos that bolt right in wherever or if you are going more Disney Jungle Cruise vibe and want some decent speakers that look like rocks is up to you.

Regardless you will need some speakers that can take the heat (and wind and ice) the same way that Outer’s All-Weather Wicker or new Teak Collection does, so no precipitation will rain on your parade.

Sitting Pretty

Your sustainably-sourced teak sofa setup is at the center, and you’re flanked by your speakers, but beneath your feet, covering deck or cement or flagstone or what have you, throw down a rug that does more good than just giving your bare feet a soft spot to rest. The 1188 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rug Collection gets its name from the number of plastic bottles it takes to make it. Keeping plastic out of the ocean and really tying the backyard together.

You might not consider this essential listening gear, but you need somewhere to store the beer. It’s like YETI color coordinated some Tundra cooler colorways to match the 1188’s Pebble Gray and Sand Dune Beige options. The Aquifer Blue or Desert Tan keeps things complementary color-wise and will hold more than a couple of cases of Montauk Brew Co.

Probably want to keep it off the rug, but you definitely should have a Solo stove on hand to fire things up when it gets a little chilly.

No Fool in the Rain

Just right for singing along in the rain on a sunny day, the outdoor shower showerhead from Kohler has water jets you might expect to spray off the sand or chlorine or whatever you need to wash off, but at its center is a Harman Kardon waterproof wireless speaker. The speaker even pops out so you can take it with you when you are done with the suds.

However you set up your outdoor set-up, the listing starts by splash-splashing over