The Casual Stoner Classes Up the Joint

Three Sessions with Session Goods

Every Mary Jane smoker is different. Well, we all have at least one shared similarity, but the Pineapple Express stereotype is probably what comes to mind. Especially if you aren’t one to dabble with the jazz cabbage. But the truth is, there are cannabis enthusiasts out there that manage to be punctual, get their shit done and be active, yet still enjoy being a couch potato if and when they feel like being a couch potato. 

What also varies per puff-taker is the preferred piece to get that relaxed little high going. And what some might not know is that this plays a big role in how you’re going to feel before, during and after you inhale and exhale. This is where Session Goods rolls onto the tray. 

Session brings class to its glass. None of those obnoxious, studded, every-color-of-the-rainbow bongs they sell at your local smoke shop. Clean, sleek and mature. And since the herb has gotten its national rebrand of not being just for the Cheech and Chongs of the world anymore, Session decided what you smoke it out of should too. They were kind enough to send me some of their goods to test out to see how they elevated my high. Puff puff pass. 

The One Hitter

Usually you have to roll a joint, then hold it with your hands. Oh the struggle. Seems simple, but it’s not once you start getting down to the end (otherwise known as “the roach,” for those reading who are new to the world of cannabis). This can also roast your throat like a hot dog over an open fire. Which as you could guess would lead to a lot of coughing. And no one likes coughing. 

But, when you put your joint into the Session One Hitter, the whole game changes. Number one, you feel like a badass, Cruella Devil type, too boujie to hold your own vice type biotch. And that already takes your whole mood to the next level. You feel like you aren’t a peasant anymore which can really turn your whole day around. 

session goods one hitter for friends with lit joint by whalebone magazine and planner
session one hitter with joint, held by laptop and planner

Number two, you can smoke that little doink all the way until it can’t burn anymore. Without the fear of incinerating your windpipe, lips or your fingertips. Big win. 

And number three, it is the smoothest hit of a doobie you will ever take. For real. No scorching throat, no coughing, just a nice clean deep breath in. 

Smoking out of the one hitter made me feel like I was more put together than the usual wake and bake. I smoked over a cup of coffee and got the juices flowing for planning ahead and mapping out creative ideas. And it encouraged me to put real pants on and do something with my day. Also a big win. 

Session goods one hitter for friends on whalebone magazine with grinder

I would highly recommend the one hitter to everyone. All your friends are going to think you have your shit together. And turns out, you probably will get your shit together after taking one hit from this bad boy. Do I carry myself like I run Wall Street after I smoke out of it now? Maybe. But that’s the confidence we all need. Well done, Session. Well done.

The Bong

Bongs are a little more intense. I often like to refer to them as assassins. One minute you think you’re fine and the next you can’t even remember what you’re talking about as you’re talking about it. But, when I unwrapped Session’s, I knew I had to give the ole bong another shot. 

overhead image of session goods bong in paradise color with whalebone magazine by pool edge

Bongs can also be big summoners of the “oh shit I think my throat is closing” mild panic, followed by the cough attack. This is also why I don’t try to do productive things after ripping a bong. Bongs are for relaxing. So, naturally, I tried this one by the pool. 

First of all, the ability to change the accent colors sets the entire mood. Pool day = Paradise accessories. And let me tell you, one of the better pool days I’ve had lately. One of my biggest struggles with bongs is the water level. I don’t know how high to fill that thing. Not sure if anyone really does. But Session makes it sleek and simple. Fill to the top of the silicon bottom, they said. And damn, it really was that easy. 

image of session goods bong for friends with paradise sillicone accents by pool
grabbing session goods bong for friends by edge of pool

I really want to highlight the fact that I did not cough once, nor did I feel as though my throat was closing in on itself or that I was going to have to lay down in the starfish formation on top of my covers for the remainder of the day. And man was that a relief. I honestly enjoyed the hit. Smoother than a baby’s bottom. From a bong. Absolutely unheard of in my years of getting stoney bologna. Standing ovation for the Session bong, ladies and gentlemen. 11/10. Also,  pairs great with a pool, sunshine, and some good reading material. The Hippie Issue was an ideal option. Just saying.

The Pipe

The trusty pipe. My preferred mechanism for becoming a baked potato. Bowls can be inconvenient though. Easier to travel with than the bong but more convenient than rolling a joint, but also a little sketchy to carry with you on whatever adventure you may be headed on that day. They carry the smell and they are awkwardly shaped pieces of glass that aren’t, in any way, discrete. 

Then the Session bowl came into my life (cue music from the end scene of your favorite rom com). This is by far my favorite piece from Session. And yeah maybe I’m a little biased because I love a good bowl, but this one is on another level. 

Let’s start with the silicone cover. Fucking genuis. This was THE MOST convenient smoking accessory I have ever come across. Even more convenient than the scent proof and lockable bag I have (which is pretty convenient if I say so myself). A variety of different colors, a key ring to make carrying it easy as hell and super mobile, and the fact that the pipe just slides in there packed or empty is incredible. 

session goods bowl for friends in celery silicone cover held by person riding a bike
session goods pipe for friends on long board with grinder
session goods pipe for friends inside celery silicone cover, held with londboard

When the pipe is in its cover, it doesn’t even look like paraphernalia. It looks like one of those floatable keychains people get before they go on vacation. Discretion is everything. Being able to bring it along with me wherever I go and however I go is one of the most adaptive things I’ve seen in the wide world of weed. 

I smoked this little guy when I was riding my bike and going for a cruise on my longboard. Your classic, leisurely outdoor activities. No need to carry a backpack anymore. The pipe hit so clean and didn’t give me that resin taste that pretty much every other pipe I’ve smoked throughout history has. The way it’s crafted allows for such a nice smooth hit, without the harshness some bowls can give. It didn’t have me coughing and hauling ass back to the house for a sip of water. It was so nice, in fact, I didn’t want to come back inside. 

session goods pipe for friends and celery silicone cover on long board with grinder and someone about to smoke

Being able to put the pipe back into the cover was the best. I could easily stop somewhere, take a hit or two and save the rest for later without having to worry about ashes or herb spilling out anywhere. Perfect for outdoor activities and smoking on the go. Which has never really been easy. Until now. 15/10. 

Session really out did themselves. I have gone through a lot of pieces in my years of living the high life and I can honestly say none of them have compared to the elegance of Session Goods. In looks, in functionality, in convenience. All of it. Session Goods has left me elevated in more ways than one. They absolutely understood the assignment.