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The Pizza Issue Presents:

Design The Official Whalebone Pizza Box


Are you an artist? Or is graphic design your passion? This competition might just be for you. Or maybe even if you’re not very good at art, but have a lot of heart—you’re also allowed to enter.

Whalebone will be creating an official pizza box for Whalebone Pizza to celebrate The Whalebone Pizza Issue—and one of you could be the one to design it. The steps to enter are below. A nice slice all around.

  • Download the pretty nifty template

  • Get out your markers & pens

    Or go digital but get started on your custom design. Make sure you include "Whalebone Magazine" and "The Pizza Issue" somewhere.

  • submit your design

    Create an account and upload here by 11:59 PM EST on Monday, July 10th.

  • A winner will be announced soon after

    Get ready for a pizza party for you and your friends, plus a lifetime subscription to Whalebone Magazine. A few designs will also be selected to be featured in the upcoming Pizza Issue as a secondary prize.

Whalebone Pizza Box Art Contest little stars
Slice of pizza with Whalebone
Download Pizza box template
Submit design here
Entrants are welcome to submit more than one design but are not allowed to submit the same design. Full terms and conditions are here for review, because the lawyers on the tenth floor demand it.