We Can’t Make This Stuff Up: The Habitat is Nucking Futs

We really can’t make this stuff up… Nor can we explain how these guys still have functioning knees.

Take Shelter Productions, a surf film production company out of Maui, just put out its latest clip titled The Habitat, as the first episode of their new web series, and it pretty much blew our minds.

In this new, mind-blowing edit, Maui boys and childhood friends Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Tanner Hendrickson, Kai Barger, and Imai Devault gave us a little something to get psyched up to this weekend as we see some swell on the horizon. Watch this little clip before you surf this weekend and you’ll be doing full-roatations in no time! Well, in theory I suppose. (Fine Print: No this clip won’t give you the ability to do full rotation air reverses, but it’s a good starting point in learning how).

Highlights include an insane barrel to air combo from the rubber-legged Matt Meola at 1:48 and a massive straight slob into the breeze from Albee Layer at 7:10. Not to mention Kai Barger’s entire part of inverted double grabs and backflips. Check it out and figure out why we were left in disbelief.