[Video Recap] Conversations at the Lodge: Sunny Garcia, Reef McIntosh & Barry Marmion

For the second installment in our Summer Interview Series, we artfully kidnapped Hawaiian legends + big wave surfers, Reef McIntosh and Sunny Garcia, as well as Future Fins’ Barry Marmion. Through a series of encrypted text messages, we were able to coerce them onto an aeroplane, and fly out to Montauk to speak in front of a solid crowd about what it takes to make a lasting career out of surfing on the North Shore, the hype and environment that forms around the highly anticipated Eddie Aikau surf contest, and why each of them overly enjoys paddling into large rolling mountains of water.

The video below is a recap of the entire event that night, which was made possible by our awesome sponsors—Montauk Brew Co., JackThreads, Southampton Jeep, Well Well and Supergoop! Major shoutout to Jayma, Julien, the Surf Lodge squad for turning the beach area into a masterfully engaging setup for yet a second time, and making this night something special for all in attendance. Additional thanks to Boomshot and the talented crew of Thomas LaGrega, Connor Cassidy, and Alexandra Martin for filming + editing a recap that successfully captures how much fun was had.

Reef, Sunny, Barry—hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and thanks for making the trek. Dive in, below.