Tripoli Patterson: From the WQS to NY’s Art Scene

The good homies over at WAX Magazine have a stellar interview with Sag Habor-born Tripoli Patterson on making his unique transition from the WQS to owning and curating an art gallery in Southampton. Trip is a legend in our books, and this interview does an awesome job of presenting his thoughtful character and distinctive approach to presenting works of art.


I always relate to the artifacts that cultures before us left behind. I want the work from the artists I represent to exist for a long time — to put them in places where the collection will be looked after for hundred and hundreds of years and taken care of. For me, sometimes that’s more important than making money off a sale. That’s a very important thing to me — our generation leaving artifacts for future generations. I like the idea of leaving something. Money is such a temporary thing.

Check out the full interview over at WAX Magazine.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Shea.