The Newest, Coolest Wetsuit

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This cannot be real. But it is. This is one of the most epic things we’ve ever seen on buzzfeed.

For all of you surfers driving out to the east end on a Friday afternoon, your dream has just come true. You’re stuck in your business suit from work, and all you can think about is jumping into the ocean and catching some waves. Your board is in the back but your board shorts and wetsuit are packed away in your weekend bag. Problem solved.

You seriously won’t believe this. Quicksilvers new True Wetsuits double as a work suit and a wetsuit. Yes, seriously.


The work suit/wet suit courtesy of highsnobiety

That car ride out just got better. When Friday morning comes along, put on your wetsuit, show up to work, get in the car and on the way out make a pit stop and hop in the water without having to worrying about changing.