Thanks to Callaway, We Didn’t Break Any Windows

And thank you, Compass, for letting us test this theory.

We appreciate the geniuses at Callaway. Why do we call them geniuses? They somehow created a golf ball for practicing that feels real, hits real and yet is soft enough not to give the good people at Compass, who were kind enough to provide the house in Southampton right smack next to Shinnecock Hills where we celebrated during the US Open, heart palpitations every time one was hit toward said gorgeous house. So, yeah, we salute you Callaway, the creators of the Chrome Soft Golf Ball. Thanks to you, there were no broken windows but a lot of happy people playing Island Golf.

It’s in the Montauk Brew Co. box-slash-hole!

The occasion, in addition to being US Open Weekend, was the release of The Golf Issue in Collaboration with Callaway. If you were at the party, you got one. If not, you can get one here. There’s even an ultra-limited edition collection of Whalebone x Callaway golf gear. It’s got the drink recipe for the Dark & Stormy Daniels, which Goslings came down and mixed up for us at the party, as well as your guide to golf carts, the totally legit history of six or maybe seven centuries of golf, the glossary of golf terms you really wish you had before that foursome with your cousin Larry last weekend, and 99.9% less Bill Murray than The Bill Murray Issue.