McCheese Board

Big Macs & Burgundy author Vanessa Price + Honey Board Co. Super Size Some Charcuterie

By Vanessa Price & Honey Board Co.

Wine goes with more than just the fancy whole-fish dinners, your filet mignon or the aged cheddar on your cheese board. Pairings that you probably wouldn’t expect. Like matching the notes of chicken nuggets dunked in sweet ‘n sour sauce to a bottle usually suggested with shrimp scampi. These are the real happy meals. The wine pairings for the real world.

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McDonald's Cheese Board
Big Macs + Red Burgundy
Quarter Pounder + Supertuscan
Apple Pie + Rías Baixas Albariño
Cinnamon Roll + Aged Tawny Port
Egg McMuffin + Salta Torrontés
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich + North Fork Pét-Nat

(Not Shown. Still Important.)

Happy Meal Toy + Boxed Wine

Wine to try: La Vieille Ferme Blanc, Rouge, and Rosé (this brand is french) | Boxed wine isn’t just the heavily-manipulated artificial crap your mom used to drink straight from the tap in the fridge; not to mention it’s a much more earth-friendly way to package and ship wine. There are legit producers, like La Vieille Ferme in the Rhône Valley of Southern France, who make boxed wine in all the colors we’d be happy to throw back anytime.