Perfect Pair: The Palm x Honey Board Co.

The Palm rosé charcuterie board

Rosé all and any of the days

Rosé doesn’t have a time of the year to us. But we like a rosé because it doesn’t always play by the rules. Wacky bottle shape? You got it. White or red? Neither. And both. What does it pair well with? Everything. This season we’re back to hosting people and whether you want a little sushi with your rosé or a couple of donuts, The Palm by Whispering Angel has you covered. With a little help from Honey Board Co.—follow along as they take us through a few unexpected pairings and a very helpful guide on how to assemble your own boards at home. 

A few pairings we like:

rose glasses with donuts

The Adoration of Your Coworkers

The morning or celebration board—seems donuts are the ultimate treat. Better than cupcakes because there’s no debate on which half of a donut is better. Maybe this is a nice way to show your coworker you appreciate them, simply by combining office donuts and office happiness all in one.

The Palm rosé and sushi

Pink Tuna with Pink Wine

Doesn’t have to just be the sake show—a little fruit is a nice compliment to the salinity usually found with sushi and their accompanying sauces. It can bring out some of the beautiful flavors of a nice piece of salmon or tuna. So while someone might say it doesn’t go together, you can let them know that it does, indeed, pair very well together.

rose glasses on cheese board with fruit

Mimosa? Don’t know her

For large boards—always draw your design out first, unless you like chaos. And breakfast boards do tend to be big. But the good news is you can do so many things with it. Could be a bagel board, with jams, butters, and cream cheeses. A cereal board. Or even a bacon, egg, and cheese board. We’re not ones to say mimosas are the be-all and end-all for morning cocktails—something light and refreshing is the only rule we’re playing by.

How to Make The Perfect Board | Tips from Honey Board Co. 

First, three very important rules.

  1. Blueberry goat cheese is the supreme elite
  2. Use spicy honey
  3. Let people slice their own cheese (saves you time and people like to say things like “ooo what is the one” while they slice)

For Large Boards
Start with your crackers to guide your design, and go in this order:

  1. Crackers and fruit (since they can last the longest unrefrigerated)
  2. Follow the cracker outline with nuts or other fillers that you have a large volume of
  3. Place cheeses
  4. Fill in the gaps
  5. Final touches

For Small Boards

  • Localize the cheeses and meats that compliment the others’ flavors close to each other (you can find a flavor pairing map on Pinterest for reference)
  • Add any items that can be eaten aline (nuts/dried fruit) in the gaps between

Helpful Tips:

  • Wash and dry your fruit the day before so they don’t get everything wet. Nothing worse than a moist cheddar
  • Make sure you have a good playlist going
  • Wine always helps with creativity
  • There are no wrong moves. Only wrong guests
  • Labeling your cheese or having a key next to your board is smart if you get easily annoyed by repeating yourself
  • Don’t heat Brie in the microwave unless you want the house to smell like sweaty feet when people walk in…that was a tough lesson

Stay classy.