Wine and Water

Ocean water, that is

Movies go great with a lot of things. Popcorn tends to be pretty high on the list for most folks. Wine is a pretty solid second for at-home viewing. But what kind of wine? We prefer a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc when watching movies about the big blue. Red tends to make us sleepy. And maybe Sauvignon Blanc and popcorn mesh, but maybe they don’t—so we have few other ideas to pair with Starborough Wine for your next ocean-inspired movie night. Complements the movies pretty well considering the sustainably-sourced wine also donates a dollar toward ocean conservation for every bottle sold.* Keeping all the ocean-dwellers happy. Shark bait ooh-ha-ha.

Blue Planet II

Drink of choice: Starborough Smash 

Snack of choice: Apple Cheddar and Brie Grilled Cheese

What you’ll learn: David Attenborough’s voice never gets old, the oceans hold way more astonishing secrets than we thought possible and the health and biodiversity of the oceans are absolutely vital. Also quite a few fun facts about those who call the ocean home. Great for trivia. 

What you’ll taste: Fresh berries with a nice essence of garden herbs and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Blends nicely with the taste of guava found in the wine. Au naturel. We recommend the apple-sage combo for this one—really complements the apple notes in your sandwich.

My Octopus Teacher

Drink of choice: Starborough Cucumber Fizz 

Snack of choice: Creamy Vegetable Flatbread 

What you’ll learn: We have and will always be a part of nature. We are all connected, we just have to find our own sense of connection. Whether that be with an octopus or not is at your discretion. 

What you’ll taste: You’ll be cool as they come after taking a sip of your cocktail. Especially when paired with the creamy flatbread, echoing the cool, ocean-like, zesty lime and cucumber refresh you’re getting from your drink. Almost as cool as cephalopods.

Chasing Coral

Drink of choice: A chilled glass of Starborough Sauvignon Blanc

Snack of choice: Vegetable Sushi Roll

What you’ll learn: Coral reefs are the basis of the ocean ecosystem and are far more important than most people think. But, there are folks out there working to document the changes in coral as a result of climate change in hopes to spread awareness and make a difference. No one likes a bleached coral reef. Not us, not the fish, not the coral. Let’s keep them colorful.

What you’ll taste: A crisp and tropical white wine. Kind of like how it would feel to run and dive into the ocean. Refreshing, to say the least. The lemongrass notes paired with the vegetable sushi roll will have you feeling like you’re on a boat in the ocean in between dives.

Basically, we’re saying Netflix & Chill-ed white wine is the optimal pairing to learn more about our planet’s oceans, their importance, and their impact. And that’s why Starborough is going a step further. Over the last year, they donated a portion of every bottle sold* to support the preservation and restoration of the world’s oceans.

*Excludes sales in California