Play, Skip, Repeat: A Sunny Daze with Jordan at RAEN

Welcome to Play Skip Repeat with Whalebone

Here’s how it works. Just like that game you’d play with who you’d want to marry or kill but with music instead of a potential dating pool. We make the playlist. Player One, in this case, RAEN cofounder and Design Director Jordan Percy has to pick one song he’d put on repeat, and can skip one. He tells us which and why.

RAEN makes some of our favorite sunglasses. And since we figure Jordan spends some time in the sun making and designing shades at RAEN, we patterned the playlist after a sunny day, and threw in a drive on PCH, because RAEN is based down in Southern California and we thought Jordan might take a drive up the coast to surf County Line or Surfrider while he listened.

Here’s the playlist:

And here’s how Jordan handled it


I see what you’re doing here. We’re working with a few themes: Warmth, light, and overtly sunglass-related songs. My initial reaction here is I won’t be baited into the overtly sunglass direction out of principle, so my skip here would have to be “Sunglasses At Night.” Problem is, I actually kinda secretly like that song for a kitchen dance party, and the Beck song does nothing for me. So, in the end, I have to keep that in and pass on “Sweet Sunshine.”


It’s a dead heat between Kurt Vile or Khruangbin. I love Kurt Vile so very much, but I think my Spotify stats show that my love for Khruangbin is deeper, so that’s my repeat pick. Day or night, I can loop that album and stay happy, and I often do.


Let the rest roll!

Thanks for playing, Jordan. If you think you want to play Play, Skip, Repeat write us at