Olympic Buffet: Sounds of Summer by William Grand

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A little bit of everything you didn’t know you needed

Not many more that we trust with our songs of summer more than a one William Grand. When asked to describe his style, he might say something along the lines of: Like an Olympic buffet of music, offering different styles and flavors from various decades and genres.

But the important thing is

“I’d like people to be happy because that’s what it’s all about. Making people feel good whether dancing or relaxing. I like finding what makes people tick in a positive way with music, then going down that rabbit hole with them.”

William Grand sitting on a chair in the middle of a city road. He's holding a newspaper that is burning away.

The song of Summer 2021?

For this summer? Freedom by Rage Against the Machine. This is the moment your favorite team charges out of the tunnel, ripping through the banner and onto the field. Except the field is your life. That’s what it feels like right now. Everyone is ready to go after a year+ of hibernation.

And the ultimate song of summer?

Summer Madness (Live) by Kool & the Gang

Any artists you like that we should know about?

Budgie is nice. He’s a producer/DJ from London that fuses bossa nova, lovers rock and rare groove with two step soul.

One song for the rest of your life, what is it?

Feelin It – Hov

William’s Summer Set List

If this mix could have a drink, what would they choose?

Bumbu Rum with Ginger Beer and two limes.