How Did a Sticker Company Become a Hot Sauce Company?

How a Hot Sauce That Kicks Ass Came to Be


ou’re probably wondering why a printing company like Sticker Mule decided to craft its own hot sauce. A valid thought, really. What made them say, “We need to give the people more.” And by more they did not mean anything that had to do with custom printing, and everything to do with bottling up a spicy kick-ass condiment fit for every meal of the day. (Maybe this is starting to sound familiar to us).

We all know Sticker Mule for being the one place we all go when we want custom printed stickers, magnets or tape. Things like that. Not hot sauce. But they’ve been making stickers easy for so long, maybe they didn’t want us getting too comfortable, and now they’re making things spicy. Mule Sauce began with the sole purpose of creating a hot sauce that was tasty enough to use on whatever you like to put hot sauce on. And it’s got some fire to it. But, there was a bit more to the story. Sticker Mule hosted a “Free Burger Day,” slapping 10,000 patties on the grill and serving them to their hometown of Amsterdam, NY, giving back to the community and allowing Mule Sauce to make its grand debut. The people behind a printing company that kicks ass knew that burgers would draw a crowd, but a hot sauce that kicks ass would keep that crowd. After mastering and perfecting the recipe, the people of the American Amsterdam were the first to try it. No one was harmed in the tasting of this product. In fact, they were quite amazed and Sticker Mule knew they had done it. The true test was having the team members of Sticker Mule Italy taste the bottled up heat. Even they couldn’t get enough of it.

Today, Mule Sauce is available to anyone who wishes to make every meal a little better and a little spicier and yes, kick a little more ass.

Enter Vinny, Sticker Mule’s Director of Hospitality and renowned chef. Deciding what to cook can oftentimes be more challenging than performing the act of actually cooking whichever meal you finally land on. That’s where Vinny swoops in to save the day, blessing us with his homemade recipes to slather hot sauce all over. His decadent recipes took decades to perfect, and Mule Sauce turned out to be the perfect finishing touch. Where would we be without you, Vinny?

Recipes that Kick Ass

Spicy Broccoli Pizza

A quick and easy spin on a classic. You can’t say no to pizza. And you really can’t say no to pizza paired with hot sauce.

Spicy Frog Legs

Sweet and spicy frog legs with that are crisped to perfection. Like chicken wings but frogs instead of chickens and legs instead of wings.

Spicy Spinach Frittata

The most important meal of the day is much better when it’s spicy. Eggs, spinach, and hot sauce, seems like breakfast but can also be lunch or dinner.

Make your grocery list and get going. You have family and friends to amaze. You could even order custom magnets for everyone in your family that says, “Michelin Star Chef,” so they will never forget this victory. You’ll probably need some Mule Sauce, while you do. Just saying.