Riesling Bros. Circus & Show

F e a t u r i n g


Your host for the evening, charming and full-bodied—your ringmaster. Look and listen as his rich charm carries you all through a night of wonder and excitement. Never leaving a ring, your host is a steadfast reminder not to believe everything you see.

Pinot Grigio + Sauvignon Blanc

The most popular performance under the big top. These two light-bodied acrobats go hand-in-hand for a refreshing show opener. Easy to watch, this act is ideal for those just dipping a toe in the circus world. In-your-face tricks and high-acidity stunts will keep you on the edge of your seat, and maybe on the floor if you enjoy them both too much.

Sparkling Something or Other

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the human cannonball. Be astounded and amazed as he flies through the skies and hopefully doesn’t break anyone’s nose. The human cannonball is enjoyed by all who dare to watch as he fizzes and bursts through the top. Autographs can be signed at the end of the program, just be sure not to mention his accent as no one can seem to tell if he’s French or Italian.

Pale Pink Rosé

Don’t be deceived! This limber and tortuous display is far from basic and will leave you in awe. Though you may think all contortionists look alike, prepare for a whirlwind of unexpected twists and turns far different from the next. On the surface, you might think if you’ve seen one contortion you’ve seen them all, but it’s not considered a global obsession for nothing. The flow and flexibility will leave you wanting rosé every day.


Never have your eyes beheld such strength in such a small body. Marvel at his fortified muscles as he never tires lifting object after object. Closing the show, the strong act is the perfect end to a night of wonder and amazement.


Doesn’t get her girth from nowhere. This full-bodied and full-bearded lady is quite powerful, but warm and buttery once you get acquainted. Though her looks may be an acquired taste and she might come off a little dry depending on her mood, you can usually expect an interesting and complex performance. One of our most popular crowd-pleasers, she has only gotten better with age. Folks, keep an eye on your partners—regardless of the beard, she’s quite smooth.