Precycling: The No Bag Movement

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As of December 2014, East Hampton Town has begun its initiative in “precycling.”

“Precycling?” “What the heck is that?,” you might be wondering.

Well, “precycling” is the conscious effort to make purchasing decisions that will ultimately delay, reduce or eliminate the need to recycle or dispose of waste. For example, the one big way many people are “precycling” today is by eliminating plastic bags in their shopping lives, and that’s exactly what many hamlets on the East End have adopted going into the spring and summer months. 

As of April 22, 2015, plastic shopping bags will be outlawed in the town South Hampton due to an increase effort to better the carbon footprints and decrease the staggering numbers in pollution among of our local communities. East Hampton Town is expected to follow soon after in Sept. to give merchants time to go through their inventory of bags in which they have already purchased and planed on distributing to shoppers.

The distribution of those thin, single-use bags that we are all so used to getting at checkout counters from our respective grocery stores and shops, will now be banned for use and distribution at such places. Both town bans, as well as similar environmental initiatives around the south fork, will take effect on Earth Day 2015, which fell on April 22, 2015 and will be strictly enforced soon thereafter.

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