Natural Connection

Image of Kimi Werner freediving, taken by Perrin James
Photo by Perrin James
Presented by JUST Water

A note from freediver and spearfisherwoman Kimi Werner

Photograph of Kimi Werner for Gear Patrol, taken by Chase Pellerin. Kimi wears a wet suit, goggles, and holds a spear gun against a backdrop of palms.
Photo by Chase Pellerin / Gear Patrol

When I fully immerse myself in the sea, I instantly become a very small part of something so much bigger than myself. Society often trains us to think of ourselves as separate from the ecosystem, and the more we separate ourselves in the way we think, the more we simply turn off our brains and hearts to have the ability to feel connected. This creates a major gap in our own sense of belonging and meaning of life. It leaves us struggling to fill those voids with other societal norms of success—status, image, title, competition, etc. There is a reason why so many people get mesmerized in front of an open fire, or why pulling a carrot from the ground sparks magic in the eyes of a child. Connecting to the source of where we came from gives us all more meaning and happiness and belonging in this world. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves is simultaneously the most humbling and empowering thing I have ever felt.

This is very necessary to live an inspired and fulfilled life. It gives us more meaning, direction and most of all, a sense of belonging. The more we connect with where we all come from—which is nature—the more we can feel supported even when we are alone. The more we can feel content in the most simple of moments. And the more we can see the magic that happens right before our eyes and cultivate a lifestyle of appreciation and awe. It’s equally important that we make this connection so that we can take care of that which takes care of us. The more we know nature, the more we will love her and protect her. I truly believe we can have a symbiotic relationship with the world.