Pizza Cities: New York City

Sometime back in 2007, an unruly gang of statisticians working for the government sat in a room and decided that finding out the total amount of pizza places existing in Manhattan was a research mission worthy of taxpayer money. And apparently nobody argued with them, because at the end of the year, they concluded their research and turned in their results: just over 1600 places serving up pizza in NYC.

What they failed to do, was narrow it down to a list that might suggest which of those ~1600 are serving pizza worth eating. And that’s where we pick things up—because navigating the pizza realm in NYC is no simple task. Below you’ll find 7 of the pizza spots worth having a bite at in NYC (a strikingly 0.4% of the total places), as well as each spot’s pie that comes highly recommended. No taxpayer money was used in assembling this list.

1. Joe’s Pizza

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Recommended pies: Plain Pie. You won’t be mad about it.

Location: 7 Carmine St., New York, NY

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2. Rubirosa

Recommended pies: The Vodka Pizza.

Location: 235 Mulberry St., New York, NY

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3. GG’s

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Recommended pie: Their Grandma Pie is the real deal.

Location: 511 E 5th St., New York, NY

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4. Emmett’s

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Recommended pies: Thin crust + deep dish. Trust us.

Location: 50 MacDougal St., New York, NY

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5. Nicoletta

Recommended pies: The Calabrese. Thick-cut pepperoni, fennel sausage, red onions, pomodoro and mozzarella.

Location: 160 Second Ave., New York, NY

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6. Marta

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Recommended pies: Go with The Funghi. Fontina, mozzarella, hen of the woods, yellow foots, red onion and thyme.

Location: 29 E 29th St., New York, NY

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7. Pizza Beach

Recommended pies: The Margherita is on point.

Location: 167 Orchard St., New York, NY

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