Re-Entry Not Confirmed: The Outer Limits of San Francisco

Recently, I decided to take a solo mission from San Francisco down the coast with my beater Canon AE-1, no cell service and a crappy rental car. Not too far after, I found myself on the edge of a questionably-stable cliff, maneuvering down a mountainside (realizing once at the bottom, re-entry could not be confirmed) and stumbling upon a small community of uninhabited driftwood shacks paired with a spookily-vacant beach.

Despite the near death butt slides that that got me down to these shacks and the fear of potentially having to bunk up in one for the night; it was totally worth it—something I believe the above gallery can confirm. Needless to say, I’ll be back.

Editor’s Note: A select few photos from Bronwyn’s trip to Tahoe also seemed to have found this way into their gallery. We were going to take them out but they’re kinda very sick so we’re just going to leave them in there for your visual enjoyment.