[Photo Gallery] NYC Issue Release Party at VNYL

This past Friday night. You. Us. Good stuff. Great stuff. Stuff that lets us know that everything we’ve poured our energy into creating the past few months was worth it. Stuff that fuels us as we aim to outdo ourselves and events like this for the next two years (conservative guesstimate). Stuff we’re well beyond proud to be able to do.

Extra large shoutout to all of sponsors that helped host + bring the party to life—Montauk Brew Co., Ilegal Mezcal, VNYL and Norman’s Cay. Double XL shoutout to all of you beautiful humans for coming through, showing some love, dancing your lower regions off and affirming that DJ Japancakes‘ 250k/hr rate was worth it. If you didn’t wake up Saturday morning on Orchard St.’s sidewalk spooning our NYC Issue, you can still get your hands on a copy over here.

All photos by Gunner Hughes | @gunner.hughes

Editor’s note: If you woke up with a disposable camera, send it back to us and we’ll pay for development. We wanna see that shit!