“Out There”

“Out There,” a video short by Shane McCauley, aims to depict the vibes of surfing during the offseason on the East End.

In this well-shot short, Whalebone Founder Jesse Joeckel narrates the feels of winter surfing while friend and surfer Tyler Maguire catches a couple waves at Ditch Plains on a gloomy fall day. We think this little clip accurately embodies what East End surfers love and experience while surfing the frigid and isolated waters of the East End of Long Island during the fall, winter and spring months.

Take a look at the clip, and after, if yearning for more insight into the tight-knit surfing community that occupies our waters while the hustle and bustle of the summer crowds dwindle, check out Grant Monahan’s story titled, While You Were Out, for a first person take on one of the craziest winter storms in recent history.