One Fall Day with Quincy Davis

Inhale. Feel the crisp late September air fill your lungs. The stiff north winds tickles your skin as you look out at the beautiful blue ocean. Exhale. Feel the stress and discomfort of a crazy summer leave your body with your breath. The September day is young and warm, but the wind has a chill, foreshadowing months to come. It is classic autumn Montauk, sun, swell, wind, and friends.

Quincy Davis, one of Montauk’s treasures, is back in her hometown enjoying her favorite time of year. There is swell in the water and Quincy and I do the old faithful “Montauk Shuffle…” driving about 4 hours, checking every wave in town, just to end up surfing the first place we looked. As excruciating as that sounds, it is the norm and the scenery is offers much to enjoy. The lighthouse, the cliffs and the beaches are all pristine; the lighting is one-of-a-kind and the air has a freshness that is incomparable.

We finally surf an A-frame peak with chest to head high, wind-groomed lines. Quincy, five of our close friends and I talk, laugh, and trade waves. Quincy won the session, showing all our friends how to surf with a combination of style, power, and elegance only she possesses. The smile on Quincy’s face after we get out… telling stories around the bed of a friend’s truck… all express a unconditional love for Montauk and it’s tight knit community. This is her home, these are her people, and it shows. You can travel the world and make a thousand new friends, but nothing compares to standing on the beach next to a friend’s truck after a fun surf session talking story in Montauk.

The sunsets and the day ends, but why does it have to? A couple ice-cold Dock drafts usually keep things going. Sip draft. Feel the crisp cold Budweiser run down your throat. The bubbles tickle your cheeks as you stare at the boats swaying in the wind. Swallow. Feel the happiness and joy of a day well spent enter your body.