Nate Best Defines Montauk with 12 Incredible Photos

When Montauk photographer Nate Best hit us up last week, it wasn’t in regards to exclusively featuring his incredible work on our site. In fact, it about a single photo we had posted in our Everything You Need to Know About #SaveMontauk post, in which we admittedly miscredited a photo that belonged to Nate. In what can only be described in a most upbeat spirit, Nate made us aware of our blunder + incidentally had us realizing that the East End lensman has a plethora of phenomenal photos that deserve to be seen as far as the Internet can reach.

Above you will find gallery filled with 12 awesome photos that Nate took on the East End, all of which are accompanied by his own meaningful captions. Please enjoy and do not feel creepy for falling in love with one photo too long (we have… more than once).