From Shaping Bay to Break: The Story of An Experimental Fish

“Dusts of Gold”

Morgan Maassen sent this one in from, we don’t know where, but he’s spent some time with shaper Ryan Lovelace as Ryan was experimenting with fish shapes in his bay, as he eventually signs the board, “for fun…” Then, if you’re looking at the board that looks it’s maybe a surfboard that ate a snowboard, and wondering “How’s that surf?” Morgan is right there with you and follows the board out into the water and documents Trevor Gordon surfing it.

I’m not entirely sure anymore where this board is. I do know that it’s been passed around quite a lot between friends and shared and enjoyed.

Both shaper and surfer are going with a flow, a point driven home by the juxtaposition of the shaper and surfer doing what they do and getting in the zone.

If you enjoy blank-sanding-and-pencil-sharpening porn (and really who doesn’t?) then this is the one for you. And all that dust, yeah, it kind of looks like gold in the light, and that’s where the title comes from. But where’s the real gold? You be the judge.